How IoT can help your business during times of crisis and beyond

Whilst many countries are still suffering from the impact of the coronavirus, companies must actively be developing strategies to reduce the impact of this and to prepare for future crisis. While IoT is frequently promoted as a solution for automation or to improve operational and supply chain efficiency, in fact, IoT can be implemented in a myriad of other ways as well. From monitoring and analysing high traffic areas to predictive maintenance, IoT solutions can make the workplace healthier and safer.


Join this upcoming webinar to:

  • Learn about using technology to overcome social isolation
  • Understand the challenges in healthcare, commercial and industrial settings
  • Find out the smart and cost effective IoT devices to enhance productivity during crisis period
  • Hear why your battery choice matters

Our guest speakers will share real-world applications and best practices for implementation. Plus, you can discuss your potential use cases with the speakers during the Q&A session. Don't miss this chance to learn how IoT can help you manage this crisis and be ready for the future.


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